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Integra Community Management Software (ICM) is a fantastic tool that care our community, associations, clubs, societies, families and groups which helps to manage our organization, build and keeps intact relation among members, collection and accounting of revenue and expenses, timely reminders of task and commitments, track assets and investments, stream line communication etc…

Many users of Integra ICM from various segments have found it to be extra ordinarily useful to manage their daily routine in a systematic way to get positive and productive results. ICM customers includes:-

Community groups

Religious organizations and establishments, cast community units and groups, family associations and groups etc

Committees and bodies

Festivals organizing committees , Cultural and sports events conducting bodies, NGO’s etc


Sports clubs, Cultural clubs, Recreations clubs, Health clubs, Community service societies, Social clubs etc.


Residential associations, Flat owners societies, professional associations, business and merchants associations etc.


Chartered accountants, Advocates, Insurance agents, Marketing professionals and executives etc.


Small business firms, service providers, families, individuals etc.

In an organization and management point of view, ICM address 5 points issues to streamline daily activities and leads organization towards future.


Building relation among members and keeps intact.


Do and record on time and ensure nothing left out.


Monitor and operate assets, Liabilities and investments.


Entire accounting process of revenues and expenses.


Serving and update of information on time and mass communication.