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Why ICM software?

Community means a social, religious, occupational and other group assembling, living or working together under an organization, establishment, body etc to share, spare or work on common characteristics or interests and perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists. Maintaining relation within the members as well as the families of the group is an important functionality of the community management team which includes accountability and communication. ICM, Integra Community Management, Software is purposefully developed to serve such commitment of the organizing team and help to strengthen the intended activities of organization.

Is ICM applicable to all type of communities?

Yes, whether it is social, cast, religious, professional, business, culture, sports etc, ICM is capable and applicable to either in whole or some extend. The software address relation building activities, collection of fees and subscriptions, track on assets and commitments, complete accounting, monitoring and recording task and activities and streamline communication.

Which kinds of organization is using ICM software?

All kind of organizations, bodies, associations, societies, clubs, groups, committees, firms, professionals etc can use ICM for their day today works.

Can we create family tree?

Yes. We can create family trees with unlimited branches . All information of family members, their photos etc can be stored and viewed. We can also store multiple photos of each members, events, assets etc and have the option to view album.

What are the information we get from the ICM?

Information such as members details, blood groups, associations/clubs fees due information, completed accounting of organization, reminding of occasions, days, due dates etc.

Is it workable in recreation clubs and sports clubs?

Yes. It is applicable not only to all types clubs, such as sports, recreation, arts, cultural, professional and social clubs, but also all types of association, bodies, committees etc which formed by a groups of individuals and families.

Can we collect fees from members?

Yes. We can collect and record all fees such as recurring as well as user fee that is the major revenue of the organization. Collected fees will automatically accounted. All registers and statements such as collection register, due statements etc will be generated.

How many range is there for collection of Fees?

There are 3 rage fees structure we can operate in Integra Community Management Software. They are such as yearly fee, monthly fee and user fee (one time fee). In each range ICM offer the flexibility to create multiple type as per the need of organization.

Can we provide receipts?

Yes. We can print receipts on collection of fees.