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ICM - Accounts management

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Applicable for traders and service provides
Easy billing and automatic accounting
Provision Tax and easy calculation
Provision for discount, item wise and bill wise
Discount in percentage and amount wise
Unlimited customer creation
Unlimited items and services
Description for goods and service
Easy edit goods and service description during billing
Invoice templates, A4 full page, A4 half page and Thermal prints
Provision logo in invoice
Terms & Conditions for each invoice
Remarks for each invoice
Credit, Cash and part payment receipt in billing
Integra billing software (ICM) for free download
Integra accounts management software (ICM) for free download


Accounts record organisations income and expenditure in a systematic way. By integrating with other modules and feature of ICM, organisations found no excessive functionality require to maintaining books and accounts and its finalisation.

Account ledger grouping
Ledger creation
Integrate accounts with other modules
Pay order and its tracking
All accounting transactions
Cash and bank book
Receivables and payables
Day book, ledgers, general ledgers
Trial balance, profit & accounts and balance sheet
Voucher reports

Budget Management

Have a budgetary plan by forecasting the various sources of income & expenditure. It is designed to help us on the proper steps needed to make organization budgeting easier, more practical and cost effective.

Month wise budgetary provision for whole year
Budgetary controls
Budgetary analysis
Analysis where and how happens
Integra budget management software (ICM) for free download