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Task Management - Put on record our daily task, analyse productivity and efficiency.

My Task is a simple daily task manager with which we can manage all our daily tasks in a systematic way and sorting them by priority. By updating result of daily scheduled task we can analyse our productivity.

Task title
Link to contact
Task group
Task priority
Details of task execution
Time wise task management
Execution stats
Easy search task
Task history
Graphical representation
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Digitalising meeting proceeds and summery of events of organisation for future reference. Date wise and subject wise records of every actions and happenings in the organisation gives entire history of a particular subject .

Virtual diary Record every thing needed for future reference
Subject wise dairy maintained
Easy search of contents
Entire history of subject or events.
Ensure nothing left unrecorded


A scheduler or timely pointer to fulfil duties & commitments of organisation provides a hassle free routine. In other words it points out the things to do on the day and protects from financial losses due to minor negligence and forgetting the things on time.

Timely reminder helps to act on a perfect moment. 
A duty completed on time, boosts organisation morale. 
Reminds renewals, updates, payments and receipts
Timely reminder reduce operational cost
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