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ICM - Community Management

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Member Management

A very important feature which lets records and understand family details of members and create family tree.

Unite all members of the member family.
Building relation among families of members
Helps to increase confidence and trust in organization
Total uplifts of organization, members and their families
Upload photos of all family members
Whishing SMS /Email messages on Birthday and Anniversaries.
Generate family tree of all members
Help to understand who, whose, where , when, what and how
Easy search of blood group and other information
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Club/ Association

Timely collection of various fees and contributions from the members are the revenue of the organizations. ICM provides the facility for collection, monitoring and its accounting with a systematic way.

Collection Management

Provision for categorise members according to membership
(Ex. In case of associations, clubs etc - life members and ordinary will be considered. In case of flat owner association first floor, second floor etc will be applicable) members.
Grouping of members (family wise or flat wise)
Fee collection types specification (ex. annual fees, monthly fee, user fee etc.)
Fee collection, collection register, due list, overdue notice
User fee billing , bill register
Batch processing of mail and SMS
Provision to collection for accrued or future amounts
Automatic accounting
Print receipts

Contact Management

A very useful feature to records contact information of emergency service providers, persons, authorities etc those who closely associate with organisation.

Records all relevant information
Upload multiple photos
Mass communication through e-mail, SMS or post
Easy personalized printing of letters and envelops
Import contact information from excels
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View and export saved photos


This feature lessens the burden on our stressful lives by providing us reminders of important dates and events.And also keeps memories of the event forever.

Records events, and important days of organization
Remind on date
Upload unlimited photos of events.
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